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Looks like someone isn’t getting their “tolerance” badge: This 14-year-old Girl Scout from California is calling for the boycott of her own group for allowing a transgender child to serve as a Girl Scout, which is fairly progressive for the group, but something they only allowed after initially denying the child. Progress comes with resistance, guys; here’s the resistance. source

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Do not “not support” Girl Scouts because of this video.

Once this girl attends a college course on gender studies, she may be learn that gender is how one identifies themselves and NOT their sexual biological organs. If one identifies as a female (aka as the girl gender), she will identify with the same experiences and problems that this girl is stating.

Yes, GSUSA should protect the young women in this program from any male that may try to use this postion to join for motives of sexual abuse or harassment. However, I really don’t want them to prevent ANY person that identifies as a women to be prohibited from having the experiences, knowledge, and social awareness that this program offers. This program helps all young women excell as an adult by leaning leadership and value driven decisions (which should and do vary per person). This organization does not solely align themselves
with only religious base organization to allow for each troop to accept and grow with their own set of values and social norms. That is healthy since all of us view the world differently, and that’s is part of our culture.

I hope that Girl Scouts sticks with their position. As a former Girl Scout, I want to see the program I advocate for be an organization that allows ALL females to be a part of it.

PLEASE continue to support the Girl Scout program by purchasing cookies. This issue is a very small subset of what this programs offers as a whole.

This young women should be honored for doing what Scouting teaches- sticking up for your beliefs, connecting with others, and teaching others. I am glad she had learned those key skills.

However, please remember that Girl Scouts empowers women, gives girls a chance to be leaders with a voice, and become the person that they want to be regardless of any obstacle that may getting the way. Don’t let this program suffer because they are all inclusive of the female gender.

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    I’m pretty stoked I was a GS in Colorado growing up. Goooooo Colorado. And yes, I’ll be buying mounds of cookies this...
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    What is wrong with this girl?
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    This bitch is a psycho and so is anyone who agrees with this filth!
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    I think we should tell the Girl Scouts to permanently kick this girl out.
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    Do not “not support” Girl Scouts because of this video. Once this girl attends a college course on gender studies, she...
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    PEOPLE SUCK PEOPLE SUCK PEOPLE SUCK this is so horrible holy shit
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    What a great excuse to buy far more cookies this year than I normally would! Also, in my day as a GS I realized that GS...
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    This is ridiculous. Who is she to say these things?
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    clearly this girl scout isn’t following the “and be a sister to every girl scout” part of the girl scout law.
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    proud of the girl scouts organization, i had no idea. purposefully going out of my way to buy cookies this year, and i...
  20. heyfootballhead said: didn’t know this, thanks for posting! one more reason to buy those thin mints.
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    i really don’t think she understands what she’s talking about, and it’s really sad because she very clearly knows how to...
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    She should be shot in the head
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    I just want to punch her in the face. What gives her the right to be a fucking bitch
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    What a dumb, ignorant little bitch. People like this make me so sad.
  26. phfem said: Who actually cares enough to make a video about it?
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    Full of shit. If a boy wants to be a girl, he deserves that right. She’ll be just as much of a girl as the rest of us....
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    It’s so upsetting that some people are so intolerant.
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    This depresses me. I was a Girl Scout for many years and to me, the group seemed to be one that promoted fairness,...